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Email us at info@newsparkleanlaundry.com.sg for bulk orders (corporate/uniforms) today!


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Business Laundry Services


Visit any of our five retails shop for your laundry and dry cleaning.

Door to Door

Our valet will swing by with laundry bags to collect your items—so your clothes are protected in style.

Contract Services

Contract services is targeted at B2B for cleaning of Commercial Uniform and Academic Dress / Graduation Gown.

Home Laundry Services

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Download our mobile app to order our laundry pickup & delivery service. Each of your items are professionally washed, with great care put into the details to ensure that your loved items are well taken care of.


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Book a collection online or with our NEW SPARKLEAN LAUNDRY app. We’ll bring a bag.

We pick up

Collection and delivery is free, just let us know where you are, office or home.

We Clean

Our facilities are so good we guarantee you’ll be satisfied – we put a Quality Guarantee on all items.

We deliver

We’ll deliver your pristine garments back to you, anytime and anywhere.

Start your day with NEW SPARKLEAN LAUNDRY (Sparkling Clean) shirts.



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Laundry services are becoming quite a necessity due to the demands of modern lifestyles. They accommodate busy professionals, large families, commercial orders or just anyone who does not fancy doing their own laundry. You get your clothes cleaned based on a service of your choosing or upon the advice of professional cleaners who can make sure that your clothes come out of the laundromat looking fresh, clean and groomed. Best of all, you have the option of pickup and delivery so there is no need to rush home to get your laundry to the cleaners again, leaving you more space in your schedule to live a bit more than toiling over laundry.


Laundry services also offer specialist care for fabrics and garments.  Oftentimes, certain fabrics like silk and velvet come with care labels that require specific method of cleaning. It could be your wedding gown, silk dress, wool suit or even linen curtains. Delicate materials like these cannot tolerate the conventional wet laundering method or it will ruin them. The safest method to clean them would be by dry cleaning, which employs liquid solvent instead of water to draw out impurities and using special machine to gently tumble dry them to remove unwanted residue.


For other materials, our trained staff will help sort out your laundry. Getting your laundry professionally cleaned is very easy. If you choose to have your laundry picked up and delivered, just make a call by phone and online to decide on a time and location most agreeable to you. We will come and pick up your laundry without you having to step out of your front door. Your laundry will first go through inspection and sorting. We examine all garments closely for all kinds of stains or spots to determine the most suitable cleaning solution. We then separate on the basis of colors and washing instructions. Areas of concerns will be pre-cleaned prior to washing for best result.


All clothing will then be washed in cold water unless required otherwise and dry on medium heat to protect your fabric. We use only eco-friendly range of products on our garments to ensure the safest and most effective treatment. Utmost care is taken to




process your laundry to ensure the long life of your garments as well as maintaining their best look and color. You can order hang to dry and your clothes to be returned ironed and crisply folded.  They will be ready to use once when they reach you. Your laundry will be delivered on scheduled timing so that you will not have to worry or wait for your cleaned laundry. Reliable, affordable and hassle-free!


Whether it is just a one off order to clear your laundry basket or a commercial cleaning assignment, you can count on us to give your laundry the best safest clean everyday.

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WhatsApp us for any enquiries
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