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Our Experience

NEW SPARKLEAN LAUNDRY pride itself as one of the most experience & skill drycleaners in Singapore.

Three (3) of our Directors had more than 30 years of working experience as Laundry Manager in hotels such as Otani Hotel, Imperial Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Westin Hotel, Regent Hotel and Shangri-La Hotel.

Mr Sia had also work as Laundry Consultant for Marina Bay Sands and Sentosa Genting, Singapore Hotels and also Oversea Hotels such as Beijing Jian Guo Hotel, Jakarta Regent Hotel and Kuala Lumpur Sunway Lagoon Hotel.

We have three (3) retail shops with more than 20 years in service at Liang Court, Serangoon Garden and Bukit Panjang Plaza which serves regular customers.

We also providing laundry services to  commercial and industrial uniforms, carpets, curtains and also graduation gowns for University and Polytechnic


Dry-cleaning is the cleaning of garments in an organic solvent,for example perchloroethylene or refined hydrocarbons,as compared to washing or laundering where water is used instead of solvent.
Specialised detergent additives are added to the solvent during the dry-cleaning process to aid soil and stain removal.

During conventional washing,damp garments are removed from washing machines following spinning and can be dried either by natural evaporation,i.e garments are hung out to dry,or by tumble drying.With dry-cleaning the “damp” garments are actually saturated with solvent, not water and hence open evaporative drying is not an option.Instead the dry-cleaning machine utilises a modified process of tumble drying to remove the residual solvent from the garments,whilst at the same time allowing the solvent to be recovered and recycled.

New Sparklean Laundry provides professional Dry Cleaning Service for your garments.


We have our garments cleaned because they are soiled.Most garments have a sewn in “Care-Label”that gives advice on how garment should be cleaned etc.This advise is based upon testing of similar garments by the manufacturer or their appointed testing laboratory.Whilst carefull hand washing and some of the new specialist washing machines may be successfully used to wash garments that are labelled as only “Dry-cleanable”,such processing remains the responsibility of the Dry-cleaner concerned.Generally,washing is not a viable option on certain types of wool,viscose,leather and silk to name but a few.Sent to us,our professional dry-cleaner will solve all your problems.
Remember, NEW SPARKLEAN LAUNDRY PTE LTD is in this business for more than 40 years.


  • We do our part in maintaining a eco-friendly environment.
  • We uses the latest eco-friendly dry cleaning technology(SOFT WASH)for our dry cleaning
  • We uses bio-degradable cleaning products for our laundry.
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