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As disgusting as it may sound, we shed 0.5 to 1.5g of dead skin every night. Our beds become home to dust mites that survives off skin flakes. They are invisible to the naked eye and can cause possible allergy like asthma and eczema. We spend half of our lives in bed and this is bad news. Beddings should be washed and cleaned regularly to remove allergens and sweat residue to create a more hygienic environment and also for your comfort.

While there are some blankets you can just throw into the washing machine, there are others that cannot be safely washed with water. How you clean your blanket will affect its material and weave. So when you want to clean your blanket, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The care instructions will advise you the best way to have your blanket cleaned without ruining it We provide profession laundry service to meet all your laundry needs..

Since blankets come in diverse materials and fabrics, each require specific cleaning requirements. Certain blankets, comforters, quilts are risky if not handled by professional cleaners. Saturated dark colors or hand-dyed fabrics is likely to run. It can stain its filling, affect the appearance of its fabric and ruin the rest of the laundry as well.

Filling and fabric may also vary in blankets. They come in different volume and fibers. Natural fibers are delicate and will not last long if not washed properly. Synthetic fibers should be dry cleaned only to maintain its durability. Normal washing can shrink items like woolen quilts and weakens natural structure permanently, causing them go out of shape easily.

Heavy bedding can damage your washer when the load is unbalanced. Residential washer and dryer are not made to clean heavy beddings as effectively as industrial ones. The load may be too large to fill a conventional washer and may damage in spin and cycle.

Dry cleaning would be preferable for all the issues mentioned above. It is a simple yet effective process that removes all the dirt and stains from your beddings. Our expertise and equipment also mean that your beddings will be taken care of in a toxic-free environment, safely and effectively. Your blanket can be cleaned down to fiber level while normal washing only manages with the surface area. For items that are used all year round, annual dry cleaning can help preserve appearance of your beddings and extend its life. Our process is free from harmful solvent and helps reduce wear and tear. Dry cleaning also helps prevent accumulation of dust and unfavorable particles, protecting you from pests.

The cost of cleaning will be amply paid by the amount of wear you get from your blanket. Your blanket will be returned to you fresh, clean and ready for you to enjoy.


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