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Curtains are a staple in most houses for they provide shelter from heat and light. They also give us privacy and acts as a filter from external dirt and dust from the air. However, they are one of the most difficult household furnishing to clean. They are heavy and bulky to dismantle and re-hanging is a real chore.  Hence cleaning can be quite an arduous task especially when there’s a space restriction and lack of machine capacity to handle the volume and size of the curtains in the house.  Yet it is a step that should not be skipped for they may be quite costly to replace if they become too dirty or damaged. Hence, currently they are high demand on laundry services in Singapore.


Types of curtains

Lace – romantic fabric that diffuses light beautifully. Commonly dry-cleanable only but sturdier ones might be able to withstand machine wash.

Synthetic – known for their durability and functionality. Most are not good with temperature and extreme tumble action so be sure to adhere to manufacturer’s instructions to get the most wear out of the fabrics.

Polyester – crowd favorite for its durability, affordability and easy care. However it is flammable so avoid it in the kitchen.

Silk – luxurious fabric that is very aesthetically pleasing but not most practical. It is dry-clean only and susceptible to sun damage if your window is exposed to a lot of natural light.

Linen – well ventilated fabric and does not block the sun. Like silk, they are dry-clean only.

Cotton – versatile fabric used to create a variety of styles. They are very light so they have to be properly lined to achieve the desired weighted look.

Pinch pleated – gives decorative finish at the top and works with most fabric types. Generally more bulky as the amount of fabric needed to make the curtains can be quite substantial.

Sheer – allows a little privacy while still filtering in light. They are delicate and lightweight so sheer curtains have to be handled with extra care as they can be easily ruin if not careful.



Those are just a few of the many types of fabrics for curtains and each demands specialized cleaning method depending on material construction. Why spend money replacing dirty curtains? If your curtain is getting a little dirty or dull and you are not thinking of replacing or buying new ones, let us help you to clean them to look and smell good again at a fraction of the cost. Our curtain cleaning service handles all cleanable fabrics, saving you precious time and let you come back to a cleaner, fresher home. Curtains should be cleaned every 6 months or so, more regularly for those with asthma or allergies. Regular maintenance ensures that the house environment is kept bright and healthy.

We offer professional curtain cleaning, washing, steaming and dry cleaning services for residential and commercial clients. We also do on-site cleaning for your convenience. Please do not hesitate to call us today for a no obligation quote or request for a pickup or delivery for your household laundry needs.

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New Sparklean Laundry Service provides professional laundry services. Our services includes dry cleaning service, dry carpet cleaning, curtain dry cleaning, ironing service … etc.

We also provide online laundry service where you may order from our online platform and we shall arrange for laundry pick-up and delivery service.



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