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Oftentimes, curtains cleaning get neglected or procrastinated because it is such a tedious task to manage. They are often heavy and bulky and taking them down for washing can be a real pain, not to mention having to put them back up again. It is rare for most people to have quality time to maintain their curtains as needed and also there is the need for specialist knowledge to handle certain types of curtains especially those with sensitive materials.


Professional laundry service can take care of your curtain laundry needs safely and efficiently. If you have tried to do curtain cleaning for tough stains, then you might find it very hard to remove the stains. You might also find out the hard way that when a stain is not attended to immediately, it will settle permanently, making it almost impossible for total removal.  With our dry cleaning service, we can handle stains for you using our eco-friendly solvents that can break the tough stains and still care for your delicate fabrics. We have the experience and the expertise to treat your curtains safely and effectively.


You will not have to worry about discoloration and shrinking of your fabrics as well because dry cleaning ensures that the process is gentle enough using specialized solvents to treat your curtains. We make sure that your curtains remain protected and be returned to you fresh and clean. Your items will be inspected prior to cleaning to ensure that all stains and damages have been properly documented to provide a level of trust and establish a peace of mind for you that your items are in good capable hands.


Dry cleaned items are known to enjoy the gentlest deep cleansing treatment while minimizing harmful substances released to into the environment. It effectively removes grease and tough to remove oil stains. Risk of shrinkage and distortion of fabrics are largely reduced. Dry cleaning also minimizes discoloration and bleeding, protecting the texture of your fabric and increases the lifespan of your curtains.


Time is essence so we are most happy to come to your home or office at your convenience. We offer dismantling service to help you take down your curtains and are most happy to help rehang them after cleaning. Just let us know if you need pick up or delivery service. We provide both as part of our premium service. All you need to do is just pick up the phone or click to arrange with us online.


Our professional team will gladly assist you in meeting your laundry requirements. Experience the best of both worlds by simplifying your work while getting the most out of professionally cleaned laundry in a highly cost effective manner.


About Us

New Sparklean Laundry Service provides professional laundry services. Our services includes dry cleaning service, dry carpet cleaning, curtain dry cleaning, ironing service … etc.

We also provide online laundry service where you may order from our online platform and we shall arrange for laundry pick-up and delivery service.


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