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Be it just a silk dress or huge load of curtains from the house, professional laundry service can handle it all. If you are not sure whether wet laundering or dry cleaning is more suitable for your order, we are most happy to help you to choose the best cleaning method for your laundry.


Our professional service includes inspection for stains and concerns to ascertain the correct cleaning requirement for your pieces. We use modern cleaning equipment with professional systems to address any possible laundry needs. There are specific formula for maximum cleaning efficiency so we ensure that your laundry will be thoroughly cleaned and treated with care.


Dry cleaning service is a popular option even if your garment does not specifically require it. It is a gentle process that employs the use of eco-safe solvents to process your laundry concerns instead of using the traditional wet laundering method that could possible damage certain fabrics. No water is used in the process.


You will need to have your garments dry cleaned if the care label on your garment require you to do so. As a rule, wool items should always be dry cleaned. So should silk, laces, other delicate fabrics and ‘dry clean only’ materials. If your clothing is heavily soiled, you may opt for dry clean the item to deep clean the stains out without hurting the fabric.


We understand that time is essence and we can help you save time by using our laundry pick-up and deliver it to your doorsteps. Not only you will get more time to do the things you want, but also receive professional care for your items. If you happen to be outside of our coverage area but still want us to take care of your load and send them back to you, we can certainly do it for you with a small fee attached to your order.


We provide full laundry service from garments to household items. Your precious items will be given professional care and you can get them back fresh and clean for as soon as 24 hours for normal laundering and as little as 48 hours for specialized dry cleaning. Express service same day delivery is available and subjected to meeting a few criteria to make this possible. We will do our best to accommodate any requirements that you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the best solutions for your laundry needs.


If you have a big order or oversized items, we can save you the hassle of picking it up by delivering it to you. We can even help you deliver and rehang your cleaned curtains and drapery if you need us to.


Do call us now to deliver your laundry to wherever you are, whether to your home, office or even to your car if our schedule permits. Just stay in your car when you are out and about but also want to get your laundry back, we will bring your clothes right to your car. No hassle at all!

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