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Whether it is a suit, silk dress or any delicate fabric that requires cleaning, we can help to freshen it up and maintain its quality for you. Dry washing is a specialized job that requires expert knowledge to treat certain garment and fabrics. Treating it wrongly can cost the garment itself, if not damaging it to some extent.


People choose to dry clean their clothes for various reasons, main one being it is the only method of cleaning for the fabric concerned. Dry cleaning is also considered gentler as it does not require water or go through the regular spin and tumble dry which can be too harsh for delicate fabrics. Regular cleaning runs the risks of shrinkage and distortion of delicate fabrics. With dry washing, the texture of the garment can be protected and clothes can last longer. Even if your clothes can be wet washed and not necessarily needed to be dried clean, they can still benefit from the process.


Nowadays, professionals use safe, more environmentally friendly solvents to treat sensitive fabrics. Chemical solvents are used to ‘rinse’ the garments instead of using the traditional wet laundering method with water. The solvents work to remove stains and grease from clothing the same way cleaning agents like soaps and detergents do to remove dirt. The clothes are then loaded into a machine to be gently tumbled to remove solvents used in the process. Then they are dried in a special drier or just hung dried. Your freshly dried clean clothes will be steamed or ironed for the clean crispy look.


We know that laundry work can be tedious and definitely time-consuming. Hence we offer one stop laundry services that encompasses everything you need to have your laundry taken care of, especially laundry pickup. Laundry pickup is an extremely convenient way of getting your laundry done. You do not have to leave the comfort of your home to sort out your laundry. If you want your curtains or blinds to be cleaned, our staff will come over to help dismantle them first and send them to us for cleaning. You do not have to concern with the hassle of getting your oversized laundry to the cleaners anymore.


If you would like to enjoy our quality dry cleaning service but you are based out of the way, fret not. We will come to you to pick up your laundry at a small fee. It could even be more economical for you to use the pickup option than to drive all the way to us just to drop your laundry off.  All you have to do is just call or make an online booking with us. We also provide you easy payment options where you can choose between COD ( Cash on Delivery ) or Transfer payment online.


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