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For many people, laundry is a dreadful chore that requires not just time and energy to manage but also proper care to ensure that their clothing remain in good condition. For certain type of fabric and material, you will need to know the proper care and handling if they can only be either dry clean or wet clean. If you are unsure, seek professional help as it is wise to use the correct cleaning method on the right fabric to get the most out of your clothing. We provide professional household and commercial laundry services in Singapore.


So if your garment tags bear the words ‘Dry Clean Only’, then it is best you heed these words as they are meant to protect your clothes for it is not possible for them to go through normal cleaning with water. Inappropriate cleaning process can result in your garment undergoing stretching, unnecessary wear and tear and a risk of damaging its texture and lifespan. Dry cleaning treatment can also drastically kill dust-mites so this is a major benefit for those with allergy and asthma.


The common misconception of dry cleaning is that most people think no liquids are used. A cleaning solution is adopted to replace cleaning with water. The special solvent is then used to soak the items where it can pull out tough stains and reduce wrinkles and potential shrinkage of fabric. Stronger color retention and lesser fabric wear are some of the benefits of dry cleaning. In other words, dry cleaning may be the safest and most effective cleaning option for selected fabrics.


You can either drop your order off or have us pick it up at your convenience. Once received, it will first go through a marking and inspection process to check for areas of concern. Do alert us to any issues you may have and want to be rectified. We will make sure that they will be attended and promptly managed. Once cleaned, it will be inspected again to re-affirm the result. Post-treatment will be applied on any remaining stains if necessary. Once satisfied with the result, your item will be lightly steamed or ironed where applicable before being sorted out and packaged for pick up or delivery.


Not many people have access to dry cleaning facilities at home so we are available to help with our specialist knowledge and professional tools. We offer highly competitive rates for all kinds of dry cleaning services that accommodate your laundry requirements, we also provides dry cleaning pick-up and dry cleaning delivery service. Your order will be cleaned thoroughly and treated with the care it needs. We also aim to give you a healthier and happier environment with our services. Let’s make the world a cleaner, better place to live in together with dry cleaning.


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