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Tired of being tied to the ironing board for hours? Can’t get that perfect crease on your corporate pants? Why spend your precious time ironing when you can get professional help, freeing you from this daunting task and allowing yourself to enjoy more free time doing the things that you love?

We understand that life is busy and spare time can be a luxury. However, ironing is a necessity for creating a sleek professional look for your clothes. We can help on a one-off basis or incorporate into your weekly or fortnightly routine. Let us take your load off your mind. Allow us to offer free pick-up and delivery at your convenience, share your requirements and we will remove the burden of ironing for you.

New Sparklean Laundry provides professional laundry services and ironing services

Our staff is fully trained handle all range of fabrics and we are also equipped with professional ironing equipment to meet your ironing needs. Your clothes will be handled according to manufacturer’s recommended care instructions. To properly remove creases is no easy work and we are most happy to press your clothes, hang, sort and fold them for you so that when you receive them they will be ready to be stored away. Very simple and so convenient!

Shirts Ironing

Unlike traditional ironing, your shirt will be meticulously steam pressed to give it a superior finish. This process minimizes heat contact hence your favorite clothing will be less prone to shrinking.

Trousers Ironing

Those who has tried, know the pain of putting required creases on their trousers. Whether it is business apparels or everyday wear, we can help you press a crease on your trousers or wherever you want!


Bed linen Ironing

We do all types of bed linen no matter what sizes they may come in. ironing bed linen can be very time consuming and difficult. With professional ironing, they will be returned to you clean and crisp as promised.


Commercial Ironing

No job is too big or too small for us. We entertain commercial grade linen to the most delicate of fabrics. Just leave the task to us so that you can focus on other aspects of your business and let us focus on your business laundry needs.

Specialty Items

With our professional ironing services and state of the art equipment, we can iron and

steam press everything from curtains, stage curtains and specialty items material. Just pass them to us!

Your clothing will go through quality check to ensure the safety of your clothes as we expect them to be delivered to the highest of expectations. The turnaround time is 24 hours except on weekends. Orders placed on Fridays will be delivered back on Monday. Please do not hesitate to contact us for urgent requests. We will try our best to accommodate.

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