Laundry Pickup Service

We are a full serviced laundry business ranging from regular and premium services for residential and commercial clients as well as to suit your lifestyle. Whether you are operating a business or an individual, for whatever reason can’t or won’t do own laundry, we’ll do it for you. You can benefit from our services if you do not like doing laundry, a busy professional, small-medium business, a student or even a tourist who have no access to washer or from large families where both parents are working.

We offer both wet laundering and dry cleaning services to serve a wide range of laundry needs. Which cleaning process method suits your laundry needs will depend on what type of dirt and fabric type it comes in. Professional services will save you time, money and the heartache by helping you to determine the best cleaning option for your fabric, which otherwise could result in disastrous manner if not handled expertly.


The traditional wet laundering process requires immersion of your clothes in detergent and water. This is suitable for hardy materials or non-sensitive items. Dry cleaning on the other hand, despite its name, is not ‘dry’ at all as it still involves liquids in the form of solvents. No water is used hence the ‘dry’ term and the solvent acts to remove dirt and stains in the gentlest way possible. This is required for delicate fabrics like silk and velvet.


If you are often pressed for time to carry out your daily grind and laundry cleaning can be quite stressful on your already tight schedule, do subscribe to our laundry pickup service. It can be a one-off assignment or a routine arrangement to suit your timing. Just book us via the phone or online, and we will arrange to pick up your laundry at a convenient location to you and at a time that fits your daily activities. You do not even have to get out of the house to drive to the storefront to drop off your laundry. We will come to you and pick your laundry up from your doorstep, hassle-free!


We will help you to identify the essential cleaning requirements, separate colors and attend to any concerns you may have with your laundry. Once taken care of, we will fold them neatly so that once you receive your freshly laundry, they are ready for easy storage.

Pickup services can actually work out cheaper and much more convenient than if you were to go through the trouble of dropping off the laundry yourself. Especially if you live a distance away but still prefer to stick to your favorite cleaner. This works as well for instances where you have oversized laundry items and pickup services spare you the pain of transporting them and you can also opt for them to be delivered back to you when done so that you don’t even have to lift much of a finger to get your laundry sorted.

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