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Should you invest in a premium quality oriental carpet, you would want to ensure that your precious carpet remain pristine and well-maintained. While the best way to keep it clean is to keep it from getting dirty in the first place, it may be inevitable that the carpet will still attract dust and mold when it is not packed away. While keeping up the appearance of your carpet is important, oriental carpets should also be cleaned for health and to protect your investment.


Some people bring in their oriental carpets to be professionally cleaned on a regular basis while some try to do it themselves. The latter is often a risky move as this might damage their texture and overall quality if not done the right way. Some carpets might require specialty treatment for managing delicate fibers. This is why professional cleaning is the best choice when it comes to giving your oriental carpet a thorough clean to preserve its beauty. New Speaklean Laundry provides 1 stop laundry services for ll your luandry needs.


With our professional oriental carpet cleaning services, we deep clean your carpet safely and effectively. Spot cleaning is usually recommended whenever there is an emergency spill to eliminate or minimize potential damage. If you wait it out or try to remove the stain yourself, the issue might not be efficiently tackled and your crafted carpet may not recover its value. Getting professional help can prevent this unwanted experience from happening.


There are two methods for cleaning area carpets, which is either on-site or off-site. On-site oriental carpet cleaning is recommended for the ones that are machine woven, have low-pile fibers, comes with durable synthetic fibers like nylon or polyester and are cleaned on a regular basis. This method can be used to maintenance cleaning.


Off-site oriental carpet cleaning is required for hand woven or high end machine hand woven carpets as they are more delicate. They are also recommended if your carpet have long fibers or high-pile with natural fibers like wool, cotton or silk or requires specialty treatment to treat heavy spills and stains. This method applies too for carpet fringe cleaning as it must be cleaned by hand. When you bring your carpet in, additional steps can be taken in our facility to ensure proper care during the cleaning process.


Furthermore, we have deep cleansing technology to give your carpet an effective cleaning and expert experience to handle and restore your carpet. Your carpet will emerge refreshed and rejuvenated under our specialist care. No more unsightly grime, spots or discoloration on your prized carpet. Professional cleaning can actually makes it easier to maintain your oriental carpet between cleans.


Feel free to call us for a no obligation quote. Our oriental carpet cleaning charge goes by per square foot. You can check your carpet for the size as most carpets have a manufacturer’s tag with dimensions attached to the bottom of one corner.


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New Sparklean Laundry Service provides professional laundry services. Our services includes dry cleaning service, dry carpet cleaning, curtain dry cleaning, ironing service … etc.

We also provide online laundry service where you may order from our online platform and we shall arrange for laundry pick-up and delivery service.


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