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We spend a lot of time at home and at work. We work on carpets all day long. The last thing we would want to put up with is dirty unhygienic carpet. But there is no way of escaping dirt in your carpet even when it only experiences virtually no or low foot traffic. Dirt and dust can still travel through the air and get embedded inside your carpet fibers. They can have a stranglehold effect on your carpet if they are left on their own over time. Professional carpet cleaning can break that hold and clear out any unwanted particles and substances that could pose a health risk to people within the space.


We provide professional laundry services that suit your need. We can evaluate your home or work place to help customize a cleaning plan tailored according to your needs and budget. Not all carpets are cut from the same cloth. Depending on whether they are made from natural or synthetic fibers, carpet may require different cleaning treatments for the best result. Professional carpet cleaners are trained to identify the correct cleaning method to use based on the type of carpet that needs to be cleaned. Improper cleaning and abrasive removal of dirt particles can damage your carpet in the long run, causing premature wear and affect the aesthetic aspects of the carpet.


If you have pets, removing urine smell from carpet on the spot can be crucial to prevent staining and bacteria growth. Best is to quickly call up a professional carpet cleaner to treat the site and sanitize it to protect your precious carpet. Same goes for soiling. Pre-empt further damage by soaking up the liquid by using paper towels or clean up the soiling as much as you can before the professionals come in to eliminate the stain and odor.


We have access to non-toxic specialized cleaning products and industrial grade machines to achieve safe and effective cleaning. There are sanitizing systems in place where required, for example, for commercial carpet cleaning where human traffic and contact is much higher than residential carpet situation, to kill bacteria and cut down on allergens. With proper experience and machines, professional cleaners are able to deep clean carpets in the best ways possible, especially the need to reduce moisture during the cleaning process which could potentially lead to mold growth if not handled properly.


We use steam cleaning which is a great method to effectively loosen dirt and the machine will immediately draw moisture and dirt away. For heavily soiled and low pile carpet, we employ special shampoo and motorized scrubbing brush to wash and vacuumed to remove soil and residue.

How often you need to have your carpet professionally cleaned depends on the foot traffic received. However regular cleaning and maintenance can help extend the life of your carpet and leading to healthier home and workplace.

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New Sparklean Laundry Service provides professional laundry services. Our services includes dry cleaning service, dry carpet cleaning, curtain dry cleaning, ironing service … etc.

We also provide online laundry service where you may order from our online platform and we shall arrange for laundry pick-up and delivery service.


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