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Rugs come in all shapes and sizes, fabrics and materials. They perform important function day in day out to add color and character to the room or absorb dirt and spills to protect the floor. A well-maintained rug speaks volumes for the cleanliness of the home or facility, so whatever rugs you may have at home, we can give it specialist care to revive it where possible or help maintain the quality and appearance.  Rugs deserve the same care as wall-to-wall carpet and some may require special attention. Regular proper maintenance can help to prolong the life of your rug as well as helping it to remain in top condition. They will also be easier to maintain between cleaning intervals.

Why do you need professional rug cleaning?

We provide one stop laundry services to all your laundry needs. Amongst the many reasons how it can benefit your home, one of it being that without expert care and proper tools, certain type of rugs could sustain damage from home cleaning. Delicate ones like wool and silk requires skilled expertise and specific cleaning materials to protect them.


Professional rug cleaners have deep cleansing technology to perform effective and safe cleaning as well as expert knowledge in restoration and revival works for your cherished rug. Not all rugs can be soaked and washed in liquid to remove debris and treats bacteria allergens. Rugs can also be professionally steam cleaned to minimize moisture contact to eliminate odor and mildew residue as well as to protect the rug according to its natural composition. Extra services like urine treatment is available upon request. Pets can cause havoc on premium rugs and we have complete cleaning services to help remove the smell, sanitise and freshen up your rug.


Your professional cleaner will first do an inspection analysis on the stability of dyes and fiber identification. The composition of fiber is important because each has its own cleaning characteristics to determine exact process for cleaning. Then the best cleaning method will be determined as the correct removal of particles is vital to allow rug pile to be raised to promote effective cleaning. This will be followed with pre-treatment to test for potential color transfer. Products used will be gentle enough so that the rug will remain protected during the cleaning process.

The cleaning process will be carried out systematically for the best results. The rug will then go through rinsing and then drying. The last stage requires patience as it is critical that it is not rushed to guarantee optimal results. The piece then goes final checking, hand cleaning fridges, re-vacuumed if required, groomed and rolled ready for delivery back to you.

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New Sparklean Laundry Service provides professional laundry services. Our services includes dry cleaning service, dry carpet cleaning, curtain dry cleaning, ironing service … etc.

We also provide online laundry service where you may order from our online platform and we shall arrange for laundry pick-up and delivery service.

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