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Cleanliness is a virtue and this is exceptionally true when it comes to residential health and hygiene. Carpeting is a common feature in many homes which often receive foot traffic and contact. Inevitably, it will also trap dirt, allergens and pollutants underneath its fibers. In other words, your carpet could become a breeding ground for unwanted asthma and allergy triggers.



We are committed to the highest quality of clean for your family by providing professional laundry services. A healthy environment is a happy environment. Professional cleaning promises significant reduction of common allergens including those from dust mites and pets. With steam cleaning, or also known as hot water extraction system, temperature can go as high as 220 degrees, effective in killing most bacteria and harmful allergen proteins present in your carpet. We have proven, safe methods to eradicate stubborn stains as well from your carpets so talk to us about customized cleaning solutions tailored to the size and requirement of your family home carpets.



It is recommended that you get your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year. The more often you maintain it, the cleaner it will be. Routine cleaning and maintenance help to extend the lifespan of your carpet up to 50%. This shows that investing in cleaning services helps you get more mileage out of your carpet at home. Although professional carpet cleaning service comes with a cost, it still beats having to bear the high cost of replacement if your carpet is not fit to keep at home anymore.


So once you have scheduled your appointment with us, your work is almost done. Please remove any fragile or valuable items and clear the path of us to clean the area. Don’t forget to secure your pets too. After inspecting and determining the best cleaning method for your carpet, we will conduct a deep vacuuming to remove any surface debris. Next, any spots, stains and area of concern will be pre-treated to make cleaning more effective. Then specialized green products will be applied to commence deep cleaning.

New Sparkling Clean  provide dry cleaning services and bulky item cleaning services such as curtains and carpet cleaning service.







The steam machine using hot water extraction will be utilized to remove any dirt residue as well as to sanitize your carpet. Once done, your carpet will be given another all over to check for remaining stubborn stains and treated where required. We will then groom your entire carpet to aid drying and improve the texture and look of the fiber. Lastly, a final inspection will be carried out to ensure that the carpet is cleaned to your utmost satisfaction.



With professional residential carpet cleaning service, you will get deep cleaned, fast drying carpet and a healthy home. A clean and fresh home helps you breathe easier and provide safe, comfortable space for everyday living.


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