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More often than not, vacuuming alone is an insufficient effort to remove embedded dirt, dust and allergens that could be present in your rugs. Even if your rug received little or no foot traffic, those particles can still get trapped in it. Over time, if left untreated, this could cause bacteria buildup and affect the quality of air and hygiene surrounding your rug. They can also be triggers for asthma and allergies, harmful if you have vulnerable young children and senior citizens within the proximity. It is recommended to send the rug to professional laundry service for thorough cleaning from time to time at


Many rugs are made from special materials that may not sustain normal washing. Different materials come with their own cleaning needs so it is of paramount importance that the correct cleaning method is identified first before cleaning is commenced. Failure to do so or improper process could damage or permanently ruin your rug. For example, wool rugs are definitely dry clean only. They cannot tolerate traditional wet washing method and will come out looking worse for wear.


We provide specialist care for any type of rugs you may have as we are professionally trained to treat all kinds of materials safely and effectively. Our service is to offer effective cleaning solutions that not only help to sanitize but also leave your rug clean and groomed. Ultimately, we want to help create a healthier environment with clean rugs as well as increasing the lifespan of your rug through proper care.


We will first inspect your rug to discuss any area of concern and examine the precise weave and fiber composition to determine a cleaning process best suited for your rug. Where required, we will pre-treat the rug for any soiled areas to separate and lift them for gentle removal without hurting your rug. A regular vacuum may not be able to achieve this and could damage your rug through indiscriminate application of force. We use only safe gentle products that truly care for your rug and cleans effectively.


Steam cleaning or hot water extraction will be used to remove any soil residue using steam and gentle water pressure. This is much preferred than using harsh chemicals to rectify any cleaning issues, making it an eco-friendly way to handle dirty rugs. Steam cleaning is also effective for eliminating allergens such as molds, fungi and dust mites as well as removing unpleasant odors. Your rug will emerge fresh, soft and clean to the touch after employing this deep level cleaning method.


We offer laundry pickup service at your convenience and can come to you and collect your rugs on the spot. We can also bring your rug to our facility for off-site cleaning if necessary. Do utilize also our pickup and delivery service to save you the time and trouble managing the cleaning of your rug. We will come to pick it up, process it with utmost care and deliver it back to you clean and refreshed. Call us for a no obligation quote to revitalize your rug today!

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