1. Stains can be removed upon the customer’s request and will be done at his/her own risk with additional charges.
  2. Total removal of stains is not guaranteed.
  3. No liability can be accepted for manufacturing defects or deterioration by wear and exposure.
  4. The Company cannot be held responsible for loss of buttons, ornaments or anything left in pockets or any part of the garment.
  5. Our liability of loss or damage, if any, will not exceed 10 times the dry cleaning / washing / pressing charge and is capped at S$200. Compensation will only be made in the form of vouchers issued by the company. The company cannot be held responsible for loss or damage due to load wash service (wash by per kg).
  6. For corporate customers with contracts, a maximum of 30 calendar days Credit Term from Statement Date. All cheque payments are to be made to New Sparklean Laundry Pte Ltd
  7. We provide free collection and delivery for net sale of S$40.00 and above. A S$5.00 of transportation fee will be imposed should the net sales amount be less than S$40.00 but above S$25. A S$10 transportation fee will be imposed should the net sales amount be below S$25.
  8. Non-Toxic Solvent is available for dry cleaning items only. Customers must request for it to be used otherwise the Company will decide on the type of solvent to be used.
  9. Customers must count and inspect all garments upon collection. Any complaint shall be made known at the time of collection. NSL shall not be responsible for subsequent complaints.
  10. Other terms and conditions apply.

Additional services

  • Ironing & Pressing – 50% of dry clean price.
  • Load Wash (wash-dry-fold) – $5.00/kg for 1st 10 kg, $4.00/kg for subsequent kg.
    Minimum load wash is 2.5kg.
  • $2.50 for carpet above 6×9 feet, others at $2.80.

Express services

  • Return within 72 hours – 50% additional charge.
  • Return within 48 hours – 100% additional charge.
  • Return within 24 hours – 200% additional charge.


  • Minimum weight (applicable to invoices comprising of Load Wash only) for free collection and delivery is 8kg.
  • Minimum of $12 sales will be required for delivery and applies to selected areas only.
    For all other areas, a minimum of $40 sales will be required.
    For certain city areas, a minimum of $50 sales will be required. Please contact our sales representatives for clarification.

All other terms and conditions apply.

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