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Your wedding dress is more than just an outfit for the day – it is a treasured keepsake reminisce of a very meaningful day of your life. Oftentimes, delicate fabrics like silk, tulle, laces, organza are used to give wedding dresses a beautiful romantic finish but they require specific cleaning instructions that are not easy to achieve at home.

One of the most important step in preserving your wedding dress is having your dress cleaned by a professional as soon as possible, preferably a day or two after the wedding. This is crucial in preventing any possible soil, grease and stain from setting in and becoming permanent. Furthermore, there are stains that are not visible to the naked eye such as perspiration and they can damage your dress if left uncleaned. At New Sparklean Laundry, we provide 1 stop service your commercial and individual laundry services.

For dresses that can be wet washed, heavily soiled areas like the hems and armpit areas would be given pre-treatment to first give it an initial clean. Then they are laundered using gentle cleansers to remove noticeable stains and unseen stains. If the stains are not immediately attended to, it may oxidize and cause yellowing as time goes by. The dresses that need dry cleaning, we will provide professional dry cleaning service.

You may want to provide as much information as possible regarding your wedding dress such as stains, material and any attachments. Because with the information, the professional cleaner will be able to give your dress the best possible care. We will first inspect the dress and note soiled areas. Method of washing will depend on the fabric and material.

This goes the same for dresses that can only be dry cleaned. Traditional dry cleaning involves solvents and dry cleaning machines to provide cleaning power instead of using water to give possible gentlest clean. We also gently clean by hand each gown individually, protecting the unique and distinctive fabric and lace, delicate beads, sequins, pearls and embroideries. Once done, the dress will be hanged or meticulously packed, ready to be returned.

Wedding dresses are professionally cleaned for many reasons. You may want to preserve it so that its beauty would last long term for your daughters to be able to walk down the aisle in them one day. There is also the option of donating or selling to make another woman’s day or simply getting some returns back from your purchase of the dress. Some brides even repurpose them to be made into a veil, baby blanket or christening gown.

Make sure your wedding dress is cleaned safely and stored properly. Good maintenance will ensure that your dress will remain with you in pristine condition as long as you need it to.

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