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Your wedding dress will be the most precious dress you will ever wear. Therefore, we take first class care and pride in cleaning your cherished dress.


Why should you get your wedding dress professionally cleaned?


Ideally, your dress should be cleaned as soon as the wedding is over. Your dress could be stained with dust, dirt, perspiration, hairspray, perfume, body lotion, cosmetics, cake icing, drink stains etc. While some stains may appear invisible, they can oxidize and develop with age which can bring about irreversible damage to your fabric and gown. If left untreated, those stains could be very difficult or impossible to remove in the future should you wish to keep the dress.


We provide professional laundry services to bridal shops and individuals. A professional dry cleaned wedding dress helps preserve the sentimental value of your gown as a treasured keepsake of your special day. It will also ensure that it can last for years to come. With proper care, you can pass your wedding dress down to your children or family as it will remain beautiful as the day you first wore them.


We can also help give your dress the best protection with specially designed packing to avoid exposure to sunlight and artificial light which can cause the gown to yellow and fade. Without special care, your dress will also yellow with age. Mold and mildew can also ruin your precious gown if left hanging in a cold wardrobe.


Our staff is competent with safe cleaning and preservation of any type of silk gowns that require special treatment, heavy beadings, fine lace, organza, tulle and other delicate materials. We safely care for all gowns with care labels and also handle gowns with heavily soiled hemlines and off the rack gowns for pre-wedding cleaning.


With our fabric care expertise, you can be assured of high quality cleaning of your memento of your special day. Your cleaning order will be furnished with photographs to confirm conclusion of the cleaning process and as well as ensuring every detail is intact. Stain removal will be carried out in the gentlest method for the specific area of concern. We hand-treat every order with environmentally safe products to guard to protect everyone, every piece. Our hand finishing touches with the state of art technology provides safe care for delicate materials and trims.


Your cleaned wedding dress will then be carefully and thoroughly inspected in exactly detail before it is returned to you. If you opt to preserve the pristine state of your dress, we can wrap it in acid-free tissue and place it in special packaging to prevent yellowing and damage over time.


You only have your bridal gown cleaned once, so have it cleaned professionally and let it stay as beautiful as your wedding day.

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