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A beautiful wedding gown should be preserved to commemorate one of the most special day in a woman’s life. The relationship a woman has with her gown is a meaningful one as they journeyed through a pivotal life changing moment together.


After the big day, your gown will have endured through perspiration, body oils, fragrances and even soil and stains from the event. Immediate professional cleaning would be called for to maintain the quality and aesthetics of your wedding gown. It is simple because we would provide 1 stop laundry services. All you have to do is just pass us your precious gown and we will give it the gentlest care it needs.


Dry cleaning is the best treatment for wedding gowns as they are not harsh like conventional wet washing and is much kinder on delicate fabrics and materials. Processing with water would costs excessive agitation which those vulnerable fabrics and materials may not be able to handle. The dry cleaning process eliminates the need to use water and instead uses liquid solvent to extract spots and stains. It works to remove them in the gentlest way possible to treat the fabric.


Our state-of-the-art technology equipment ensures highest standard of quality and our use of toxic-free surfactant supports our goal in achieving a safer environment for all, especially for our clients. We are professionally trained in our field and are always upgrading to give you the latest quality technology can afford.


Your gown will be in good hands with us under our all in one comprehensive advanced delicate fabric cleaning process. It will first be inspected to determine its material and areas of concern will be noted. Heavier soiling and stubborn stains will first be pre-treated to loosen them up. Your gown will then be cleaned with eco-friendly solvent that is aggressive on unwanted stains but considerate on delicates. Our dry cleaning technicians perform the process manually to attend meticulously to each detail to meet the highest standard of work quality.


Once your gown is free from blemishes and any unwanted condition, we will then hand-press it to give a complete grooming finish which allows us to return your finished dry cleaning to you. We would love to include an aftercare package where your gown will be placed on acid-free wrapping paper and packed in a museum-quality box to prevent yellowing and discoloration. This preservation move can help keep your clothes looking brand new for years and more pristine than you can remember when you choose to hand your wedding gown down to your beloved family member.

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