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Wool carpets are prized for their luxurious feel and are comfortable to touch. They are great high end carpet choice that is durable and more resistant to fire. They are also naturally adverse to fire and stain which makes them popular in home and offices. However, their organic composition also means that they are able to hold in dirt and dust. When you have premium carpeting installed on your property, the last thing you want is for it to be damaged. Wool is more delicate than synthetic fibers so you will always want to be more around with them especially when it comes to cleaning.


To have your wool carpet professionally cleaned means engaging laundry services with the right knowledge and expertise to refresh and care for your carpet. Wool carpets can be very easily ruined should you attempt to clean by yourself because of its delicate nature. Lack of relevant knowledge and expertise can potentially cause irreversible damage to your carpet’s appearance, structure and durability. You will have to give pH consideration for wool carpet cleaning because if you apply a detergent beyond a 9 pH solution, you risk damaging the carpet.


Similarly, you will have to be careful with the heat when working with wool carpets. Anything too hot will cause your wool carpet harm. Some companies use steam cleaning and this may not only be ineffective in cleaning wool but also can cause damage to the natural fibers. The right method would be to use well-regulated temperature controlled water if liquid washing is necessary. We also use the dry cleaning method where we brush the product into the carpet and then vacuumed clean.


If your main issue is dirt, then we will start with dry soil removal and spotting. This would be the first step in treating wool carpets. Wool carpets can hold a lot of dirt so we will use a properly calibrated, high power professional vacuum to remove the dry soil.


After dry soil removal, the next step is to treat the stains. Wool safe products will be used on spots and stains to avoid damaging the wool carpet. With professional care, you can be assured that your wool carpets will be in good hands and leaving your carpet revitalized and smelling fresh.

If carefully maintained, your wool carpet will last longer and look beautiful. Maintenance is very important in preserving its durability and appearance. After all, its natural soil and stain resistance entails less cleaning compared to synthetic carpets. Make use of professional wool carpet cleaners to handle your carpet safely and efficiently. It would be an investment well spent to make certain that your wool carpets will have a long healthy life.

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