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Wool rugs are great choice for homes as they are long lasting, practically indestructible and keep you warm all year round. They feel luxurious to the touch and are also flame resistant, making them a safe addition to your beautiful home. Not only they add charm to the space, enhancing the appearance of every room but also protecting the floor beneath it.


Foot traffic is often the main culprit for dirt and dust. Even when they are put as interior decoration, it is inevitable that they will still attract dust and allergens. The best way to maintain a wool rug is to have it vacuumed regularly. Their organic fibers are known to retain dust and soil so regular proper cleaning would help lengthen the life of the rug. Modern vacuums are often too aggressive for the delicate fibers. This could easily ruin your rug over time from the abuse. Area rugs with fringe require special technique. So cleaning those expensive rugs requires proper tools, hence it is best to outsource it to professional laundry services.


Making use of professional wool rug cleaning services would be a sound investment for your home in the long run. Under expert care and maintenance, your rugs can stay in tip top condition and colors remain vibrant, keeping your floors looking refreshed and revitalized without putting the natural fibers at risk.


A professional cleaner will first analyze the condition of your rug. Then cleaning will start with a thorough dusting. With specialized tools, equipment and solutions, your rug will be treated effectively yet gently to respect its beauty and make. Rug fibers are different from carpet as they have more natural fibers so they command different cleaning process. Wool rugs will require more delicate care and treatment.


So how do you prepare for rug cleaning before your professional cleaner drops by? If you opt for on-site cleaning, you will first need to remove all clutter and allow the staff space to work on your rug. Safely remove any furniture that could possibly get in the way of cleaning, for example, the coffee table. Note the stains and areas of concern. Sometimes it might be necessary to get deep into the rug’s pile to remove debris, stains and oil. Your professional cleaner will determine the appropriate course of action depending on the state of your rug.


Prepare your pets if you have any, for new visitors as they may be agitated by unfamiliar presence and also smells from the cleaning process. Put them in another room if possible. Clear necessary paths to enable the cleaner to carry out the cleaning process safely and efficiently.

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